Original Art By Dion Horstmans

showing now


A sculptural exploration of colour through movement.

When you first meet Dion Horstmans, you are presented with a striking figure, unique in style and presence, immediately recognisable. When you first encounter his work, you are met with the same, a striking, unique style that has continually evolved since he began this journey, some thirty years ago. 

His new exhibition "Motus Coloration", is his first outside of the constraints of the "traditional" gallery experience. With over 30 previous exhibitions under his belt, Horstmans knew what he wanted.

" To have a space, totally dedicated to my work, has allowed me to create an environment in which I can explore the relationship between colour, generated by heat and speed", he said.

As with all his sculptures, it starts with the shadows that are generated by form. Definitive, direct and dynamic. It is his ability to interpret these forms that provide the quintessential characteristics of Horstmans’s work.

In this body of work, the spectrum of light is generated through speed and the heat that trails from this process. Wavelengths are bent and stretched, evolving a language between shadow and form.

Whilst steel is Horstmans’s major medium, he feels its warmth, with a sinewy interaction, as it stretches along the length of each piece. His works span the human form, reflecting his own shape and reach, creating their own energy.


Show Dates: 26th October - 5th November 2023

Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday 11am to 7pm |  Tuesday to Friday 2pm to 8pm

Address: Verona Studio 2 | 17 Oxford St, Paddington Sydney